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Airtel passes first 5G cloud gaming test, incredible results

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Airtel, one of the leading telecom operators in the country, has come a long way in testing 5G. At a time when other telecom operators are busy building the infrastructure needed for 5G networks, Airtel has successfully completed its 5G cloud gaming efforts. In this case, Mortal (Naman Mathur) and Mamba (Salman Ahmed), two of the country’s top e-sports gamers have joined them. As well as passing the test of cloud gaming using 5G services, the results that have come out are enough to boost the heartbeat of Airtel fans. So let’s get to know the details without delay.

Airtel hosts India’s first cloud-gaming session using 5G network

Airtel’s initiative has made the dream of 5G cloud gaming a reality for the first time in the country. In this case, the company has done almost the impossible with gamers. The results came in handy. So far no flaws in the service have come to the notice of the company. At the end of the pilot event of the 5G Cloud Gaming event in Gurgaon, the demand for this perfect service is back in the mouths of the top leaders of the company. Extremely low latency and great download speeds have made Airtel’s plans more successful than expected.

At the time of the test, Airtel’s own 5G network provided only 10 ms of latency and about 1 Gbps of download speeds, the company said. Based on these remarkable results, the company’s Chief Technology Officer Randeep Sekhan has promised to provide a better gaming experience in the future. In particular, the growth seen in the mobile gaming business over the past two years, with the rise of their 5G services, claims that it will reach a higher peak.

Most importantly, the use of 5G networks will completely change the taste of multiplayer gaming. As a result, mobile gaming will be more popular than before, according to experts. Moreover, Airtel’s experimental technology is dreaming of really good service in the future. In Hyderabad, Airtel has used Dynamic Spectrum Sharing or DSS technology which has been completed using 1600 MHz spectrum.

Airtel is exploring their 5G infrastructure in different parts of the country. In this case, Nokia and Sony Ericsson are working together with them as equipment vendors. Under the supervision of Airtel and the two companies, customers can expect to receive strong services in the future. With the success of the 5G cloud gaming test, this hope is solidified.

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