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Blue Dart began trials to deliver the vaccine to villages by drone

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At present, India has been able to overcome the devastating effects of the second corona outbreak, but in the meantime, the news of the arrival of the third wave of corona is being heard quite well. And in order to stop this wave, 100% vaccination of all the people of the country is absolutely necessary. In order to achieve this goal, many companies are already preparing to deliver the vaccine to remote areas of India by drone. After completing the preparatory phase, Blue Dart, India’s leading express logistics service provider, in partnership with drone delivery startup Skye Air, is going to launch a trial to supply medicines and vaccines by drone from September 9 to 16 in Vikarabad, Hyderabad.

For those who don’t know, Blue Dart is part of the Medicine of Sky initiative launched by the Telangana government, the World Economic Forum, the Niti Aayog, and Healthnet Global. IAS Joyesh Ranjan, chief secretary, ITE & C department, Telangana government, said Medicine of Sky was one of the programs aimed at building a healthcare supply chain through drones in the country. The main goal of this program is to provide proper healthcare services in rural areas. The Telangana government has tied up with drone delivery start-up firms Skye Air Mobility and Blue Dart for the project.

According to Swapnik Jakkampundi, co-founder of Skye Air Mobility, the initiative is now being implemented despite many obstacles and adversities over a long period of time. Each drone will be allowed to carry a payload of three kilograms, which is enough to carry two units of blood and a large bottle of vaccine.

If these drone delivery trials are successful, they will be implemented on a commercial level. The use of drones to deliver vaccines and medicines can prove to be very effective in emergencies and in remote areas like Northeast India, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, where it is very difficult to transport medicines and vaccines. This initiative will be very fruitful for 100% vaccination in the country, said Balfour Manuel, Managing Director of Blue Dart. In fact, if such projects are implemented, people living in rural or remote areas of India in the recent COVID-19 situation will have easy access to some essentials like vaccines, medicines, and drone technology will be a boon for the society.

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